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Eighth Mile Sprint Assoc.



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South Texas Championship Points as of June 23rd
Sun. Jun 23rd 2013

To Qualify for the South Texas Points Championship.You must attend at least One Non EMSA event at Gulf Coast Speedway and one EMSA event not held at Gulf Coast Speedway.


  1. #91 Fergussen 1511
  2. #56 Horner 1475
  3. #12 Gengo 1355
  4. #3 Brune 875


  1. #57 Lucas 1510
  2. #01 Buford 1001
  3. #38 Battarbee 846
  4. #15 Flisowski 748
  5. #34 Shimik 740
  6. #84 Maust 652
  7. #88 Barmore 488
  8. #41 Dunlap 469
  9. #14 McAfee 305
  10. #11 Brown 278
  11. #83 Payse 234

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Upcoming Events

Sat. Sep 27th 2014
Points Race / SUS

Thu. Oct 2nd 2014
Board Meeting

Sat. Oct 11th 2014
Final Points Night / Lonestar 600s

News Headlines

Fri. Jun 13th 2014
5 gallon generator fuel tank

Hey guys we are looking for a 5 gallon tank off of an old generator.We want to fit it to the water pump at the track.So the p...

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Tue. Jun 10th 2014
Texas Tornado Dome Series

 January 2015 " Texas Tornado Dome Series" Present ed By EMSA and USHRATentative Schedule (subject to cha...

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Fri. May 16th 2014
Cook Off Postponed

We ended up with only 7 teams as of this morning. Its a Holiday weekend and that may be why of the low team count. We are goi...

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