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Eighth Mile Sprint Assoc.

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Strothers Memorial Rain out info.
Sun. Apr 28th 2013

Anyone who was in the stands tonight at The Strothers Memorial Keep your wrist bands.They will be honored at the next race at the track on May the 11th.Drivers The Strothers Memorial will be made up May 25th.Since we didnt complete the heats.The 600s will rerun the entire show.All the money you paid tonight will be held over till the May 25th.Since they concluded thier heats..Restrictors and jr will run thier mains first then run an entire new show.So they will pay again but will have 2 paying mains.If you have question you can call 832-921-6043.

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Sat. Apr 26th 2014
Leroy Strothers Memorial / EMSA

Sat. May 10th 2014
Points Race

Sat. May 24th 2014
Wilson Memorial / EMSA

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Sun. Mar 2nd 2014
March 8th work day / Cancelled

Next work day will be March 15thWork 10am till 1pm and practice from 1 till 5 Anyone work will practice for free Saturda...

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Sat. Mar 1st 2014
unofficial work day

Sunday March 2nd Work day,gonna work on bleachers,mowing/weed eating,flooring on tower and road wk.ANyone help on work days t...

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Sat. Feb 1st 2014
Cook off

We are looking for a weekend .Preferably the second weekend of the month. To have a cook-off this season at the Track. We don...

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